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DAW's Urban Revitalization Hands-on

DAW involved in urban revitalization proposal that aiming to regenerate various condition of urban river side and coastal side in six major cities in Indonesia. As part of the team established by Kemitraan Habitat, DAW has been contributed on analyzing the site constraint and potential to come out with feasible design solution of the selected area in Bogor, Aceh, Malang, Banjarmasin, Palu and Mataram.

The final preliminary urban design proposal was being showcased in the World Cities Day exhibition in 31 October 2017. We do hope that this initial contribution from DAW could be the start of a continuous effort and larger involvement in improving urban condition in Indonesia. We also would like to thank the respective City Mayor for the warm appreciation during the exhibition as can be seen in some of the snapshots below.

Mayor of Bogor (left), Bima Arya having a warm discussion

Bogor Mayor, Bima Arya (left) was having a warm discussion on the Paledang Urban revitalization proposal.

Ibnu Sina, The Mayor of Banjarmasin (left) being documented with the Kelayan Barat design proponal panel as a background.

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